The Expression of Both Alleles for a Trait in a Heterozygous Individual Illustrates?


The expression of both alleles for a trait in a heterozygous individual illustrates co-dominance. Co-dominance is when a gene has more than one dominant trait. In genetics, a heterozygous gene is represented by one capital letter and one small letter.
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You might be thinking of co-dominance. This is where roan horses come from. They have white hair and red hair and all of the strands are mixed together, giving it a strawberry appearance
Co dominance illustrates
Co dominance is the condition where both the alleles of a trait are expressed. Source(s) Mader Biology 11e.
Codominant or codominance
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The term heterozygous is used in biology to refer to having two different alleles for an individual trait. One of the alleles is usually dominant or expressive ...
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