The Incredibles Elastigirl?


Elastigirl known as Helen Parr is a fictional character in the animated film, The Incredible. She's the superhero who holds it all together in The Incredible movie. Her age is not given.
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Her age is unknown but her husband is 49.
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Holly Hunter, from Saving Grace, plays Helen Parr / Elastigirl in the 2004
The Incredibles' Elastigirl is voiced by Holly Hunter, age 51. She was in 46 episodes of Saving Grace!
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The names of the Incredibles include: Bob Parr,(Mr. Incredible), Helen Parr (Elastigirl) and the kids; Violet, Dash, and Jack. The voices were played by Craig ...
Holly Hunter is the voice of Helen Parr / Elastigirl in 'The Incredibles'. ...
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