The Last of the Thirteen Colonies to Be Founded Was?


The last of the Thirteen Colonies to be founded was Georgia. Georgia, however, was the 4th to ratify the constitution and become a U.S. state.
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it was georgia
The thirteen original colonies were founded by British citizens. Each colony had its own architecture and economy, however, they all were founded because the people wanted to govern
Rhode Island's independent spirit was strong. It was
Answers above are correct in a way, but the original 13 colonies did not include Florida or the Great Lakes regions. All 13 of the original American colonies were colonies of Great
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Georgia was a colony in the early 1730s. It was the last colony of the original thirteen colonies. The colony was founded as a haven for debtors and convicts yet ...
The Thirteen original colonies included Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina ...
The original 13 colonies we founded between 1607 and 1752, just under a 150 years to develop. The 13 colonies spanned the Atlantic Coast. Here is a list of the ...
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