The Leap by Louise Erdrich?


The climax of 'The Leap' by Louise Erdich is when Anna is saved by her mother from the fire. The book was released in 1990. The plot is autobiographical.
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The story takes place in New Hampshire, probably set in the late 1900's (so around 1970-1990)
My mother is the surviving half of a blindfold trapeze act, not a
The conflict in The Leap by Louise Erdrich is in the choice of whose life to save and it appears twice. The narrator is telling the tale of how she came to be. In doing so, she recounts
Anna is the name of the mother. The daughter is Kathleen. Source(s)
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The leap by Louise Erdrich was written in released in 1990. In this short story the climax is when she the daughter is saved from the fire by her mother. These ...
Louise Erdrich wrote the short story The Leap. A summary of the book includes that the daughter narrating. The story is about a trapeze artist who loses her career ...
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