The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov?


The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov is a short story. The story narrates how personal relationships are destroyed by material things. The main characters in the story are Ivan Dmitritch and his wife.
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The climax of this short story happens when Ivan, the protagonist finally finds out that they haven't won the lottery ticket, thus all their fantasies collapsed.
Some believe that those who find joy in life
To me, the theme of this story is that it is best for people to be content with what they have and not to start dreaming of things that (they think) will be much better than what
Hi, I think it is a drama novel : x.
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The summary of The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov includes the fact that it is about picking lottery ticket numbers. There are many ways to choose numbers. One ...
the theme of the lottery ticket by anton chekov is how money definitely does not buy love and how, in fact, it has the potential to destroy it. ...
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