The Main Organs of Excretion in Humans Are the?


The kidneys and the urinary organs are the two main organs in the human body for excretion. There are several organs which remove waste from the body. This includes, the skin, lungs and intestinal tract.
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Kidneys (for Urine) and Intestines (Undigested waste).
In mammals the main organs of excretion are the kidneys and accessory urinary org.
Good students ask more questions. eNotes educators are standing by. Human excretion is the process of removing excess water, waste material and harmful substances fro human body.
kidney. lungs. bladder. liver?
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The kidney is the main organ of excretion. Kidneys are responsible for the release of waste materials. The skin can be considered the largest area involved in ...
The four main organs of excretion are the lungs, the kidney, the bladder and ureter. It is the job of the excretory system's job to expel waste from the body. ...
The human digestive tract takes in food in various forms, extracts from this food source the nutrients that the body turns into energy, and then excretes the waste ...
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