The Major Source of Free Oxygen in the Atmosphere Is from?


Oxygen is present by default in our atmosphere. The majority of our oxygen comes from plants in the ecosystem. Without any plants, the oxygen would eventually run out.
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Green Plants.
The absence of free atmospheric oxygen results in an
C plants, It's the O2, to CO2 exchange we have with plants. we give off CO2 plant with photosynthesis give off oxygen.
In our atmosphere, plants still account for our oxygen; the rainforest is the largest supplier of O2.
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Majority of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is generated from plants through the process of photosynthesis. The other source of oxygen in the atmosphere is ...
The major source of the oxygen we breathe in from the atmosphere comes from photosynthesis in plants both on land and water. Oxygen is also released during photolysis ...
According to scientist, the most forgotten source of atmospheric oxygen is the ocean. It is believed that, oceans produce at least 90% more oxygen to the air than ...
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