The Membrane Making up the Viral Envelope Can Come from?


Virus particles contain the viral genome packaged in a protein coat called the capsid. For some viruses, the capsid is surrounded by lipid bilayer that contains viral proteins, usually including the proteins that enable the virus to bind to the host cells. This lipid and protein structure is called the virus envelope, and is derived from the host cell membranes.
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The viral envelope is derived from the host's plasma membrane, although some of the molecules of this membrane are specified by viral genes. Viral glycoproteins on the outer surface
It is composed of two layers of fatty molecules, called
The Gag polyprotein of retroviruses and lentiviruses is the master orchestrator of viral particle formation. HIV-1 Gag is synthesized on cytosolic polysomes where it is co-translationally
a Glycoproteins.
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