The Monomers of DNA and RNA Are?


Nucleotides are the monomers of DNA and RNA. The three main components of DNA include the phosphate group, the nitrogen base and the sugar. Amino acids are the monomers of protein.
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Nucleotides: composed of a 5-carbon sugar (deoxyribose or ribose) , a phosphate group and a nitrogenous base:Adenine- Guanine, Thymine-Cytosine the guy above me is an idiot. (corrected
Nucleotides. The "building blocks" of nucleic acids (like DNA and RNA) nucleotides are molecules made of one sugar, phosphate group, and nitrogen base each. DNA has two
Monomers of nucleic acids are nucleotides.DNA contains adenosine,
DNA stores information for the synthesis of specific proteins. RNA carries this genetic information to the protein-synthesizing machinery.
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The monomers of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA are nucleotides or nuclei proteins. They are responsible for metabolism which helps in production of energy as a ...
Nucleotides are the 'building blocks' of all nucleic acids, which is what DNA and RNA are. Nucleotides are molecules made of one sugar, phosphate group, and nitrogen ...
The essential protein that is involved in the breaking and linking of Monomers is Polymerase, an enzyme that catalyzes the development of new DNA and RNA from ...
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