What is the official language of Egypt?


The official language of Egypt is Standard Arabic. Though it is not an official language, Egyptian Arabic is the de facto national working language commonly used orally in official settings.

According to Ethnologue.com, around 52.5 million Egyptians speak Egyptian Arabic. Sa’idi Arabic, a form of the language spoken south of Cairo to the border with Sudan, has 19 million speakers. Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic has around 800,000 speakers. A number of non-Arabic languages, such as the Berber language Siwi, the Nubian language Mattokki and the Indo-Aryan language Domari also have significant speech communities. Members of the educated classes often also speak French and English, and a number of immigrant forms of Arabic, such as Moroccan Spoken Arabic, Armenian and Levantine Spoken Arabic, are common.

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