The Part of the Neuron That Receives Impulses Is Called the?


The part of the neuron that receives impulses is called the dendrite. Dendrite is the edge of a neutron that conducts electric current from other parts of the body to the brain.
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The. dendrite. of a neuron usually receives a chemical signal from another neuron, although a cell body (soma) or sometimes even an axon, of another neuron can receive the signal.
The part of a neuron that receives impulses is the
This is a fairly complex event, but in summary, it goes this way. There is an uneven distribution of ions across the neuronal membrane, such that the inside is negative with respect
I'm not certain which impulses you are referring too; nerve impulses are received by a number of parts of the brain. As far as the nerve impulses from tasting, I know that they are
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The part of the neuron that receives impulses is known as the dendrites. Dendrites are receptive areas that are rootlike extensions that receive stimuli and conduct ...
The part of the neuron that normally receives stimuli is called the Dendrite. Dendrites are the structures of neurons that extend from the cell body. Using dendrites ...
A neuron is made up of three basic parts. First is called cell body, it holds the nucleus, second is dendrites and the third is axon. Axon conducts impulses away ...
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