The Place on the Surface Directly above the Earthquakes Focus?


The place on the surface directly above the earthquakes focus is called the epicentre. It is the point from which an earth tremor or underground explosion begins.
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Why won't this darn website answer my question?
The spot on the
its the Epicenter. Source(s) geology class! :
The epicentre
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An epicentre refers to the point that is directly above the focus point of an earthquake. The focus point of an earthquake, also known as the ground zero, refers ...
The epicentre for an earthquake is a point on the Earth's surface situated vertically above the place deep within the Earth where the earthquake begins. Earthquakes ...
Epicentre is the point on the surface of the Earth that is directly above the source of an earthquake. The word is derived from the a Latin noun, epicentrum. The ...
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