The Process by Which Energy Is Provided at the Cellular Level Is Called?


The process by which energy is provided at the cellular level is called metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical reaction which is required for a living organism to survive. Not only does metabolism aid in the digestive process, it also helps cells maintain their structure and respond to their environments.
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Photosynthesis is
The answer is A . It is the breakdown adenosine triphosphate ( ATP) INTO adenosine diphosphate (ADP) sinvlce the third phosphate group has the highest amount of energy stored in the
Cellular respiration. This process involves the burning of sugar in the presence of oxygen and releases carbon dioxide and water into its surrounding environment.
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Converting food to energy on a cellular level is called Aerobic Cellular Respiration. Respiration, mind you, is not the same as breathing. Breathing consists ...
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