How can you sprain your wrist?


There are a number of different ways to actually sprain your wrist. Each one of these ways can be extremely painful to those who experience them. Generally, the most common way is during a fall. This can be a fall during a sports game, during a family outing, at a family gathering, anywhere doing anything. The way this usually happens is during the fall individuals have a natural instinct to try and catch themselves and end up falling right on their wrist. Individuals are not encouraged try this intentionally, because it can also lead to an actual broken wrist, rather than a sprain.
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I recently broke my wrist and thankfully a doctor was walking her dogs and thought I had sprained it. She said to put it into a sling and keep ice wrapped in a tea towel on it until
Being hit in the wrist, exerting extreme pressure on the wrist or t...
Go to the drug store and get an air cast, or get an ace bandage and keep your wrist straight and wrap from your hand to your wrist making sure that it is not to tight. Remove it once
Not medical advice: Many things can cause wrist sprain such as baseball, and over extending the wrist.
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Breaking your wrist is absolutely not the right thing to do because it can lead to more serious damages than you can expect. You will endure an imaginable pain ...
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