The Shoulder Joint Is Made up of Which Articular Surfaces?


The surfaces, or material, that covers the shoulder joint is what is called articular cartilage. This cartilage, which is about one-quarter of an inch in thickness, covers the ends of the bones at a the joints. Articular cartilage is has a rubber like consistency, and allows the joint to slide against each other without it causing damage.
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The proximal surface is the acromion of the scapula while the distal part is the head of the humerus.
Articular cartilage covers the
Usually, joint degeneration with aging results in articular cartilage defects, which results in bony ankylosis. However, the sacroiliac articular cartilage is maintained even in the
Technically, all of the above. The surface needs to be flat, as opposed to bumpy, so that the joints move smoothly. The surfaces are usually curved so that the motion can be curved
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