The term "integration" refers to the ability to do what?


Integration is the ability to incorporate parts into a whole, to unite two or more things together or to combine something into a cohesive unit. In sociology, integration means to give equal consideration to everyone in a society, such as in the case of different ethnic groups. Bringing together several aspects or parts to make a better whole is the goal of integration.

Examples of integration include combining school districts into one cohesive unit, a merger of business operations of two or more departments and immigrants becoming citizens of another country when they integrate into a foreign society. Combining parts together into a piece of machinery is a literal form of integration to form a larger cohesive unit.

In business, integration is the process of attaining seamless coordination between departments, subsidiaries or groups. Merging contracts together into one legally binding document is also an example of how businesses integrate. Combining companies by merging also integrates previously separate entities.

Integrated health care refers to using multiple methods to achieve healing in a patient via coordination of health care services. These services may include primary physician care, substance abuse counseling, mental health services and preventive medicine. Integrated care is ongoing even when providers determine the most effective way to care for a patient.

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