The Tryptophan Operon Is a Repressible Operon That Is?


The tryptophan operon of the Escherichia coli or E. coli is responsible for controlling the biosynthesis of tryptophan in the cell from the initial precursor chorismic acid. The operon contains genes for the production of five proteins which are used to produce three enzymes.
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is one that is usually on; binding of a repressor to the operator shuts off transcription.
The tryptophan Opren postulates that regulatory proteins are required
This operon (gene group) can be shut off when not needed (like the lac operon). It saves the cell not not have to transcribe the unneeded genes/translate the protein, and qickly turn
Inducible operons are used to produce proteins only under specific conditions. Most bacteria use glucose as their main energy source. Therefore, the unusual arrival of the milk sugar
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Inducible and repressible operons are alike only in the fact that they are groups of genes that function to produce proteins needed by the cell. repressible operons ...
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A group of genes that operate together is called an operon. This is a working division of genomic DNA that contains a cluster of genes operating under the control ...
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