The Two Main Stages of Cell Division Are Called?


Cell division takes place in six stages. The stages can be further classified into two overarching stages. These stages are called Interphase and Mitosis.
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Mitosis - the process in which the nucleus of a cell divides - is the first main stage or type of cell division. It can be broken down into four separate phases: prophase, metaphase
There are 2 major stages in cell division: interphase, when the cell
Mitosis and cytokinesis.
meiosis and mitosis.
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When a cell undergoes mitosis (cell division), the two new cells are generally identical and they can be referred to as daughter cells. Mitosis is essential for ...
The two main parts of the cell cycle are interphase and mitosis. During the interphase stage, the cells grow and duplicate DNA while getting ready to divide. In ...
The two main differences in mitosis and meiosis are that meiosis involves only one cell division, not two, and meiosis results in the production of germ cells ...
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