The Wealthiest Members of the Third Estate?


The Third Estate, is a political pamphlet written just before the outbreak of the French Revolution, in January of 1789, by French clergyman Abbe Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes. This pamphlet was written in response to the finance ministers invitation to writers to state how they felt the Estates-General should be organized. The pamphlet argued that the Third Estate, made up of the common citizens of France, should constitute a complete nation and that they would be better off without the First and Second Estates, which were made up of the clergy and aristocracy. The wealthiest members of the Third Estate were merchants that traded on a large scale, and early manufacturers.
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Merchants trading on a large scale, some entrepreneurs and early manufacturers.
Beyond the chasm that existed between it and the other
Everybody who wasn't a noble or a member of the clergy - which meant the Third Estate comprised 98.5% of the population in France at the beginning of 1789.
The Third Estate had to provide almost all of the country's income, but had the least power. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 01:19PM EST. Source:
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