The Wilds Christian Camp?


Since 1970, the Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center has been serving the local church with a wide variety of camping programs. The Wilds is a 1,000 acre campsite nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Rosman, North Carolina. The Wilds of New England is a 110-acre campsite located near Deering, New Hampshire.
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1. Clothes :Approximately 5 pairs of Shorts or Capris 1 - 3 skirts, 8 Shirts, 5 regular and 3 fancy, 1 - 3 swimsuits, 1 piece, or shorts and a T-shirt, Undergarments, 5 pairs of Socks
Since 1969, THE WILDS Christian Camp has been serving the local
1 Be appropriate. Do not pack offensive logos or art work; mini skirts, spaghetti straps, bare stomach-outfits; pants or shorts that go below the waistline; low-cut, revealing or
1. Plan well in advance. The easiest way to do a wild-game banquet is to make it a potluck, with everyone bringing a dish. Line up volunteers in advance to help with the banquet.
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Going away to a Christian camp is some of the best memories I have. When going to the Wilds in NC, you should bring some causal clothes you can wear around as ...
Wilds Christian Camp, (828) 884-7811, 1000 Wilds Ridge ...
Some Christian summer camp themes include God's Abundant Grace, Christ's Resurrection, God loves all. Example of a good one is this at the exact order. Must be ...
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