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A thematic statement could be the thesis statement. A theme is the part of a paper, essay, or paragraph that the writer would like the reader to most remember. Sometimes there is more than one theme that is used in a paper. A thematic statement is usually one or two sentences that explain the theme. Some examples on the topic of generation gap: When individuals of successive generations disagree about essential beliefs and values, the resulting gap in communication has a destructive effect on their relationship as well as how society functions.
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An example of a thematic statement is: Women, when they are courageous and lucky, even in a hostile environment, can overcome the odds against their survival.
Men, when they are courageous and luck, even in hostile environment, can
A thematic statement is a sentence that indicates or produces a well known theme within a piece of work, whether that be a paper or project.
The key to writing a good thematic statement is understanding of the theme. Every coherent piece of literature has an overarching theme, or purpose. The motives and logic that drive
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A thematic statement is the sentence that states the main topic of an essay. It is also known as the thesis statement. It is usually found in the first paragraph ...
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