Theme of the Pulley by George Herbert?


George Herbert was a 17th-century poet. He was a priest who wrote religious poems; his style is simple and concrete. The poem The Pulley follows this theme and style. Its words are full of devotion for God, "the creator of world." In this poem, he explains why God has given peace of mind to man, but also given him dissatisfied restlessness. Man's restlessness is a pulley with which the soul is lifted to God.
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The Pulley is loosely based on the story of Pandora,
In the poem, the central idea posited by Herbert is that when God made man, he poured all his blessings on him, including strength, beauty, wisdom, honor and pleasure. However, as
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The central theme of Herbert's "Virtue" is the short life of earthly beauty, except that in Herbert's view it is not people who are transient so much as the wondrous things
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