Theories on Aging?


There are various aging theories but the most accurate are the medical ones. The first is the Planned Obsolescence theory which focuses upon the encoded programming within our DNA and is a dna and genetic theory. Others include the Neuroendocrine theory, the Free Radical theory, the Membrane theory of Aging and the Mitochondrial Decline theory.
Q&A Related to "Theories on Aging"
There are changes in the immune system as it begins to wear out, and the body is more prone to infections and tissue damage, which may ultimately cause death.
There are Biological Theories of aging such as the Telemere theory or the Wear
What It Is: This theory states that an important part of aging is determined by what happens to our genes after we inherit them. From the time of conception, our body's cells are
l,m not quite sure what the theories of ageing R. The realities are that a human body generates growth and development untill the age of thirty,hovers till fortyish ,then starts degenerating
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