How can you get thick hips?


Some women are born with thick hips or a curvy body. This is becoming more and more desirable and can be achieved by women who would like to have thick and shapely hips on a skinny body frame. One way to do this is by increasing calories and especially focusing on protein. Then the body shape can be achieved by the right weight training and weight lifting exercises. Interval training is another way to build muscle which will help to add the right curves.
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Obtaining curves and thicker hips can make a thin, spindly body glow with confidence. Going through this transformation takes time, patience and the right blend of dietary and fitness
be happy with who you are and what yu havv!if qod wanted yu ta get & hav biq hipsz yew wouldve had them hunn! *be blessed! =
It means they are a real woman Curvy thick = more to grab on to durign sex.
It may be hereditary, but put simply, if
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