Thickness of a Dollar Bill?


The thickness of a dollar bill is approximately .0043 inches. A dollar bill is actually not that thick. The U.S Treasury make the dollar bills so that they can be circulated.
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Wow, a dollar bill is really thin, isn't it! According to the U.S treasury, it comes to approximately .010922 centimeters thick. Incredible.
A dollar bill is 0.0043 inches (just over 1/10 mm) thick, requiring nearly 233 dollar bills for a stack 1 inch high. A billion dollars in a vertical stack would then be 67.8 miles
Your answer is 0.004 inches. Src:
A Dollar Bill is .0043 inches, stacked a mile high would give you 14 million one dollar bills!
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The length and width of a dollar bill is around 2.61 inches wide by 6.14 inches long. The thickness of the bill is .0043 inches. All bills tend to be roughly the ...
The one dollar bill, which is 6.14 inches long x 2.61 inches wide x .0043 inches thick, weighs exactly one gram. It takes 454 grams to equal one pound, so it ...
To clean dollar bills, simply place a dollar bill in a bowl of water with a drop or two of liquid dish soap. It is extremely important NOT to 'scrub' at the bill ...
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