What are some symptoms of thin blood?


Thrombocytopenia is the name for those who are suffering from thin blood. Some of the symptoms of thin blood include the increase of bruising and bleeding gums or more nosebleeds than normal. Thin blood can be picked up in a routine blood count. It is characterized by a drop in the amount of platelets in the blood. Those suffering from thin blood may also have a lot of fatigue or feel very weak. The bruises they get may take longer to heal.
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It is said that a lack of vitamin k and high blood pressure can cause you to have thin blood. There are also certain pills out there that will cause you to have thin blood.
Since there is a long list of possible causes for thinning vessels, different parts of the body can be affected. MayoClinic.com lists several of the most common symptoms as fever,
1. Opt for foods that thin the blood (are anti-coagulant) To avoid promoting blood clotting and thickening, select foods that are. low in vitamin K. (which promotes coagulation) but
malnutrition, lack of hemoglobin, etc eat planty of fruit vegetable do exercise.
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