Thin Dreads?


Dreads is a term that is short for dreadlocks, which is a braided hairstyle. Dreads can be thin or thick, though of course thin dreads take more time to do. Each braid or individual dread is called a loc, or a lock.
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1. Work on clean, dry hair. Section hair into 1-inch or slightly smaller squares, using a comb. Note that smaller sections will produce thinner dreads. Secure sections temporarily
Dreadlocks can thin because the air space between the hair compacts. Dreadlocks do not cause
if you are crocheting the roots and interlocking (roo flipping) stop those, as they can mess up your roots pretty bad, also you don't need to twist them too much, because like you
stay away from wax and dread kits. wash your dreads. its not hard to dread or keep dreads clean. there's many methods to choose from, i included links to a complete dreading guide
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How to Make Thin Dreads
Dreadlocks are a hairstyle in which sections of hair are purposely matted into rope-like lengths. Although the word "dreadlocks" is attributed to Jamaican Rastafarians, dreadlocks have been around for centuries and were not invented by Jamaicans. Written... More »
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