Thin Dreads?


Dreads is a term that is short for dreadlocks, which is a braided hairstyle. Dreads can be thin or thick, though of course thin dreads take more time to do. Each braid or individual dread is called a loc, or a lock.
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1. Avoid over-twisting your dreadlocks once the hair is locked in place. Over-twisting causes the hair to break around the dreadlock. 2. Split a heavy dreadlock that has a thinning
Dreadlocks can thin because the air space between the hair compacts. Dreadlocks do not cause
Stay as far away from wax as possible! Having fine hair is not a problem when it comes to dreads, don't let anyone tell it is. Unfortunately dreadlocks aren't really a temporary thing
stay away from wax and dread kits. wash your dreads. its not hard to dread or keep dreads clean. there's many methods to choose from, i included links to a complete dreading guide
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How to Make Thin Dreads
Dreadlocks are a hairstyle in which sections of hair are purposely matted into rope-like lengths. Although the word "dreadlocks" is attributed to Jamaican Rastafarians, dreadlocks have been around for centuries and were not invented by Jamaicans. Written... More »
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