Things Girls Want to Know about Guys?


One thing that girls want to know about guys is usually what his actions mean. Girls will want to know if a guy is interested in them for a relationship.
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For every girl it is different. For me personally, i would want 1. maturity. any guy who is immature is just a jerk and a waste of time 2. i would want him to surprise me with small
Accept yourself for who you are. This sounds like a cliche, but if you accept both the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and feel comfortable operating in either arena, you
Girls are attracted to men who are confident, yet humble. They must
1 Have Good Hygiene. Have a shower every day, wash your hair 2-4 times a week, maybe a bit more during summer (don't do it too often, it will get too dry), brush your teeth at least
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There may be a few things that guys hate about girls. Some guys don't like how long it may take some girls to get ready for an event. Other guys may not like too ...
Every guy loves different things about girls. The most common things that guys love about girls is their looks and their personality. ...
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