What are some things made in Japan?


There are many things or products that are made in Japan and many companies have manufacturing plants located in that country. Among the products that are made in Japan are electronic items, semiconductors, and metals like iron and steel. Different brands of cars are also made in Japan like Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi.
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Sony TV, Toshiba laptops, and Honda.
1. Look for manufacturer import marks on Japanese china. Read the marks from top to bottom and from right to left. Look for the Japanese words for "made": "tsukuru,
I know you did your best to describe the item, but a photo would really help! : EDIT: Thanks for providing a photo. Now it's easy. It says "keshigomu" which means eraser
This question is more than a year old but I thought I'd add some anyway: On the perennial side: if you go to one of the upper floors of a major department store, you will usually
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Japan is one of the biggest import countries to the United States of America. Some of the most popular brands that come to us from Japan include Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Nintendo, Panasonic, Yamaha, and Nikon. Japan also is a major supplier of automobiles and automobile parts. Isuzu and Toyota are major manufacturers from Japan that currently have manufacturing facilities in the United States. Japan produces more automobiles than any of the Big 3 automobile manufacturer's in the United States.
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