Things That Come in Groups of Seven?


Things that come up in group of seven include oceans, continents, wonders of the world, seven sins and days of the week. Others are seven Roman emperors, seven days of creation, and seven deadly sins among others.
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The following come in groups of seven: Seven Roman Emperors, Seven Wonders of the ancient world, Seven days of creation, and seven deadly sins. For more information, look here: http
1) Harry Potter the quidditch matches have 7 team mates on each team= 2) Seven swans a-swimming. 3) Each Ultimate team has 7 players on the field. 4) Dwarfs. 5) a winning streak in
Ocean waves come in groups of seven, but no one knows why! Do you have more questions
7-Eleven. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores and the largest chain store with more than 32,000 outlets operating around
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The days of the week are one group of things that come in sevens. Most of us have heard of the seven deadly sins. We must not forget that there are also seven ...
A group of seven members is known as a septet. Several things come in groups of seven. The most common ones are the 7 wonders of the world, the 7 days of a week, ...
The wonders of the ancient world were things that came in groups of seven. The seven seas of the world is another thing that came in groups of seven. Finally, ...
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