Things That Happened 40 Years Ago?


About 40 years ago, it was 1973. There are many things that happened in 1973. One of the big things that happened in 1973 was when Roe v. Wade made abortion a US constitutional right. Another thing that happened was the Alaska Oil Pipeline bill was passed to allow construction of a pipeline to access oil from the North Slope of Alaska. The US troops left Vietnam in 1973, as well. In 1973, the approximate salary was $12,900.00 and a monthly rent cost less than $200.
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A hundred years ago Louis Bleriot was the first to fly across the English Channel in thirty-seven minutes. Alice Huyler Ramsey, at the age of 22, was the first woman to travel across
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1. Learn about accessing records in the state where the adoption took place. Regardless of how long ago the adoption occurred, most states provide a means to access non-identifying
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