What are some things to do on your 20th birthday?


A 20th birthday begins a new chapter in life, so it should be celebrated accordingly. A really fun thing to do would be to throw a 1920's themed birthday party. Have guests dress up as mobsters and flappers, and play jazz music.
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go on holiday. Go bungee jumping, water rafting, sky diving, scuba diving, and visit many beautiful countries.
This is the day that you have to be happy. You can celebrate it with your friends and family. If you are over 21, you can make some cocktails for better atmosphere.
For your 20th birthday, you could plan an exotic trip or stay
Turn your backyard into a campground for an all-boys or all-girls birthday party. Having a backyard sleepover allows the kids to enjoy themselves alone, without truly being alone.
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Things to Do on Your 20th Birthday
Many young adults count down the years until they turn 21, but moving from your teens to your 20s is also cause for celebration. When you're brainstorming activities to do on your 20th birthday, balance not only your personality type and interests, but... More »
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