What Dirty Things Can You Say to Really Turn a Guy on?


While there are a lot of dirty things that you can say to a guy that will turn him on, you always have to realize that the way you say it will make a lot of difference. Some examples of dirty things that you can say are the following, 'I want you so bad.', 'You are turning me on.', 'I like when you...' Say it like you mean it and your guy will get the hint.
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1. What's your problem? Just go on, for goodness sakes! 2. I'm sick and tired of you. Let's stop this. 3. Forget me. I'm worn out because of you. 4. Leave me alone. I'm totally over
All men want to hear how they are pleasing you, tell him you like it
okay im being serious here, this is not in any way intended to make me sound bad or turn anyone on here on haha. okay so me and my boyfriend are madly and deeply in love but we are
Seductive dancing is a great way to turn a guy on. All he'll think about is how you move your hips.
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