Thinning Alkyd Paint?


Alkyd Paint is very popular amongst artists because of the consistency and quality of the paint. Sometimes, Alkyd paint needs to be thinned out for various reasons. To thin Alkyd Paint you will need to mix one part paint and three parts turpentine.
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1. Stir the alkyd paint thoroughly, using the paint stirring stick. 2. Pour the desired amount of alkyd paint into the five-gallon bucket. Prior to using the bucket, make sure it
Alkyd paint is more commonly known as oil based paint. It was known for it's durability so was often used where it could take a lot of abuse, like cabinets and trim-work.
Mineral spirits is used for cleaning alkyd paints.
The solvents used to thin alkyd paint can
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How to Thin Alkyd Paint
Alkyd paint is often used on walls, trims, doors, and even furniture. The alkyd paint's oil base makes it a great choice for any one of these applications, but its thickness also makes it more difficult to apply without leaving brushstroke marks. There... More »
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