Thinning Latex Paint for Spraying?


Latex paint is a water based paint and therefore can be thinned by the addition of water to the paint. Previously, latex paints could not be used with a paint sprayer, but new formulations have changed this. However if you find your paint is still clogging the nozzle, you can add 1/2 a cup of water for every gallon of paint.
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1. Pour the paint into a large bucket. (A 5-gallon bucket is usually good. 2. Add approximately 1/2 cup of water per gallon of paint, stirring the paint as it is added. 3. Check the
Water! Just add water and mix it in well.
It is latex paint in a spray can. Source(s) Amateur Watercolorist.
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How to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying
Most latex paint is meant to be applied with either a roller or brush. But if you want to use latex paint in a paint sprayer, it may be necessary to thin the paint to avoid clogging the sprayer. While this may seem like something that should be easy to... More »
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