This Mechanism Is Used to Propose Constitutional Amendments?


The mechanism used to propose constitutional amendments is a long and difficult one. Congress proposes with two-third majority and sends to the Senate for ratification and then goes to the President. In any amendment 2/3 majority is needed.
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Under the first method, Congress can propose
Though there is a process for states to propose amendments to the Constitution, the first 27 amendments have all originated in the U.S. Congress. Any congressman can introduce a joint
An Amendment can be proposed in either the House or the Senate. It must be passed by 2/3rds of both Houses, then it is given to the States to ratify. It must be passed by 2/3rds of
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Methods of Amending Constitution. Amendments are changes in, or additions to, the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution provides two ways to amend ...
There are two ways that constitutional amendments can be proposed. The first, and only method used so far, is by a two-thirds majority vote in Congress. The second ...
When an ammendment is proposed , congress chooses one of two methods for states to approve it . one way is legislatures in three-forths of that states to ratify ...
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