Thoracic Levoscoliosis?


Thoracic levoscoliosis is a form of scoliosis that is considered to be curving on the left side, affecting the thoracic or midback spine. This condition has additional concerns since it can affect the heart due to its location. A SpineCor soft brace can be one of the treatments used for this particular form of scoliosis.
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Scoliosis refers to an abnormal twisting of the spine. Rather than being in perfect alignment, the vertebrae are sometimes out of alignment relative to the vertebrae above and below
Depends on the degree of the curve, It can range from nothing to exercise, physical therapy, wearing a brace all the way to surgery. If it is 40 to 50 degrees or higher usually surgery
I am jus curios about the question above because it's quite bothering me if it is dangerous or what. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thank you very much! Posted By joann aragon on May
Has "WebMD" crossed your mind? or maybe THAT'S the can yahoo.but you can't "search"
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