Thousand Legger Bug?


The Thousand Legger bug is a centipede. These bugs are usually found in damp areas but sometimes will enter into a home. The Thousand Legger is brown in color, flat and has body segments.
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A type of millipede that doesn't really have a thousand legs despite its name.
Millipede, which is a compound word formed form the Latin roots "mille" (thousand) and "pes" (foot) Despite their name, millipedes do not have 1000 legs, although
The house centipede Scutigera coleoptrata is the thousand legger It
Chinch bug nymphs and adults cause damage to new sod by sucking juices from lawn grass. Nymphs are tiny brown insects which darken to black as they mature. Chinch bugs grow to reach
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Thousand-leggers do not really have a thousand legs but they have from 30 to over 90 pairs of legs. They are commonly known as millepedes. The scientific name ...
There are several ways to get rid of thousand leggers, commonly known as millipedes. Natural methods involve boric acid, wood ash and even chickens. The use of ...
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