Threaten Someone?


It is never okay to threaten somebody, especially with phyiscal violence. If you do threaten somebody and they report you to the local authorities you can be charged for harassment along with several other charges depending on the nature of the threat. It is ideal that if you are having an issue with somebody either threatening you, or you feel the need to threaten somebody else, that you seek out help so that the issue may be resolved without harm being done to anybody.
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sentens to jail for a half a year or20 years.
If the threats being leveled against you and or your child may possibly turn violent, this is a serious situation that should involve authorities. Contact local law enforcement, report
1 Understand that threatening suicide is usually - stress usually - a way of regaining control of a situation that has gotten out of hand for a person. If you are the one who wants
Be ambiguous. Here's an example, with the caveat of using words (your tag): The U.S. Department of Defense was called The Department of War until after WWII. The American military
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The act of threatening someone with physical harm is illegal and can lead to arrest and prosecution. It is illegal to threaten someone in various ways, not just ...
It is considered to be illegal to threaten someone's life. In fact, if there is proof that you have threatened the life of someone there can be some serious consequences ...
There is typically no penalty for threatening someones life. This is due to the fact that there is usually no proof that you have been threatened, Also, until ...
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