Thredbo Landslide?


The Thredbo landslide was a huge avalanche that happened on a Thredbo Ski Resort in New South Wales in 1997 and killed 18 people. Almost 4000 tons of snow, earth and debris destroyed the Carinya Lodge which was a four story building. A screen adaptation of this true srory was made into a movie called 'Heroes Mountain'.
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2335 (11.35) Wednesday July 30, 1997.
The landslide was equally caused by leakage from a water main, the marginal instability of the slope above Carinya lodge, the existence and state of the Alpine Way, and the failure
Stuart Diver. Eighteen people were killed when a landslide buried a staff ski odge in the NSW alpine town of Thredbo. Stuart Diver became a household name after his miraculous rescue
environmental short: erosion, loss of top soil, loss of remaining veg. environmental long: people learnt the importance of using vegetation to stabilise cliffs so more trees were
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