Three Types of Symbiosis and Examples?


The 3 types of Symbiosis are Commensalism, Parasitism, and Mutualism. Example of Commensalism is a Spanish moss that receives sunlight by the a tree's help; the tree gets nothing in return; On parasitism, a dog with fleas benefit from the dog's blood as food and the dog gets harmed. On Mutualism is E. coli bacteria that gets energy from food eaten by a human producing vitamins that the host uses.
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The three types of symbiosis are mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. Mutualism means that both parties get something good out of the deal. Commensalism means that one party benefits
Commensalism-1 species obtains food or shelter from other species.
The three types of symbiosis are commensalism , mutualism , and parasitism .
Mutualism : The bird that eats the ticks off the water buffalo bird gets a easy meal buffalo get tick removed from it Parasitic: A tape worm in someones stomach eating a portion of
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