Throat Hurts When I Swallow on One Side?


If you're having throat pain on one side it's probably caused by an enlarged lymph node or inflamed lymphatic tissue in the tonsils due to a bacterial or viral infection. Particles in the air that lead to throat irritation could also be another risk factor. Pharyngitis, or sore throat can start with pain on one side of the throat. This is because the infection is localized. Other sings of infection besides pain could also be a low grade fever and mild headache.
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You have a sore throat. Nah you probably have a cold or throat infection. Or you you have strep throat. too bad so sad. : i had it once. it will go away in a cople of weeks. : You
Swollen glands, you need antibiotics, don't ignore it because it can develop into an ear infection. And avoid eating any yogurt, it could be strep throat.
There can be several
It could be strep throat or tonsilitis. Either one would require a prescription antibiotic. Unually they treat with amoxiciilin but if you have a penecillin allergy, ceftin works
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