Tibiotalar Joint Effusion?


A tibiotalar joint effusion, or ankle effusion for those who don't own a medical dictionary, is a condition that forms when too much fluid is in the ankle joint. This can be very painful for those who experince the effusion because the fluid can put pressure on other joints and tissue. In order to have the condition properly treated the patient must see an Orthopedic doctor who will be able to find the cause and suggest treatment options.
Q&A Related to "Tibiotalar Joint Effusion?"
The doctor who ordered the MRI should be explaining it to you and telling you why they are referring you to an orthopedist. There is a reason the radiologist states “Correlate
The Ankle.
Joint effusion is more commonly known as water on the joint. Although water on the knee is most common, hip joint effusion can also happen.
What Is Joint Effusion? Joint effusion (not to be confused with joint fusion) is the medical term used when there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in or around a joint. When the
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