What should you do if a tick burrows under your skin?


When a tick becomes burrowed under the skin, it is a serious matter that should be dealt with immediately. To remove a tick from under the skin, locate where it is, and check to see if any part of its body is showing. If its body is not visible, apply some type of bug repellent to the skin. Wait fifteen-to-twenty minutes, allowing time for the tic to release its bite. Once it has released, use a pair of tweezers to grip the tic, and pull it out slowly, but firmly. Do not twist the tweezers. Check the site to make sure there isn't any remainder of the tic's body. If there is, scrape it away. When finished, clean the area thoroughly.
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1. Locate the tick on the skin and note if its head is completely buried under the skin or is still visible on the surface. Use the magnifying glass if necessary. If the head is buried
From experience, it takes only a few hours for it to get a good bite on you.
Tic bites appear as red spots with a bulls-eye
i have heard of scabies being like that before, but im quite sure it would be more than one spot..
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