How to Request a Refund for an Airline Ticket?


Ticket refund can be claimed in different ways depending on how and where you bought the ticket. To request a refund for an airline ticket, read carefully the guidelines to be used then speak to the consultant about the need to request a refund. Follow instructions given by the travel agent including the credit cards then have all the details provided to a travel agent. Money will be deposited into credit card account therefore there is need to confirm that.
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1. Check the airline's website for its policy on refunds and lowered fares. Typing the name of the airline and the words "refund policy" into your browser will bring you
1. When someone else is paying for the base ticket, and you want to upgrade to a better class of service. Several classes of fares do not allow upgrading, or require more money/
i perchase the ticket one way from milan to Lahore at 19 jul,but now i don't want to travel,this ticket is issue in Y class,now how can i refund this ticket.
Unused one-way and round trip walk-up fare tickets will have a
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To get a refund on a non refundable airline ticket requires speed. You should contact the airline as soon as you realize you are not taking the flight. Give the ...
One can change a non-refundable airline ticket by playing the rules right. For instance you can get credit for future flight by equaling the cost of your original ...
1. Read the guidelines for requesting refunds thoroughly. These are found under services on the airline's website. Most airlines will issue refunds through the ...
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