What is Tickle deodorant?


Tickle deodorant was an antiperspirant used int he 1970s. This deodorant came in a fun shape, colors, and scents. The product simply rolled on under your arms and claimed to protect you from sweat and odor all day long. The commercials and magazine ads for the product depicted a woman getting out of the shower and donning a towel. she rolled the Tickle Deodorant under her arms and exclaimed, 'Everyone needs a little tickle from time to time.'
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At the tickle shop on main street, just south of herringdale road. It will be in the underarms protection section:
I was born in 1974, and I remember only parts of the late 70s. One of the things I could remember Tickle deodorant ads. I've always thought that the container looked very cool and
The yellow one was "Fresh scent" It also came in pink, blue and green, but do not know those scents.
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