Which detergent is better: Tide or Gain?


The best laundry detergent comes down to personal preference; however, Tide ranks higher than Gain on a 2013 Consumer Reports list. According to the Consumer Reports' top seven list of the best and the worst laundry detergents for standard top-loading washers, Gain Icy Fresh Fizz comes in last place.

As reported by ABC News, in the 2013 Consumer Reports' list of high-efficiency brands for both top-loading and front-loading washers, Tide products come in first, fourth, fifth and seventh place. Consumer Reports does not include Gain in this list. Consumer Reports tested the products' effectiveness in general cleaning and removing stains such as grass and blood.

Q&A Related to "Which detergent is better: Tide or Gain?"
My best guess is Tide because it breaks up oil stains the best! (I hope this helps people chose a better detergent instead of high prised waste of crape that dosen's work) Lady E
All Free and Clear laundry detergent is the best for people
If you look at the sustainability of just the ingredients of a consumer good, you are seriously missing the big picture. He true sustainability of a consumer good includes also the
I'd say Tide is the best and it also has some really good smelling ingredients and not only does it make clothes clean but smell great.
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