What color is Tiffany blue?


Tiffany blue is the shade of turquoise chosen by Charles Lewis Tiffany as the exclusive color for the prestigious jeweler's packaging boxes. The blue boxes are instantly recognizable and associated with the elegance of Tiffany's fine jewelry.

The use of Tiffany blue has expanded well beyond the iconic boxes, and the connection to Tiffany has lent a refinement to the color that makes it a popular choice for wedding themes. Silk shoes, sashes, invitations, tableware, floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses are all available in Tiffany blue. Exquisite wedding cakes and petit fours covered in Tiffany blue fondant add to an elegant theme.

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The color known as Tiffany Blue is a specific light blue shade. It closely resembles the light blue of a robin's egg. The color Tiffany Blue was trademarked by Tiffany & Co. in
It is difficult to say that Tiffany Blue is famous for any specific event or occurrence. This is because Tiffany Blue is not a person. Tiffany Blue is a color that is associated with
The shade is light medium robin egg blue colour. The exact Tiffany blue is a custom Pantone Colour. The number is PMS1837. The colour is protected as a colour trademark and that specific
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