Tignanello Handbags?


Tignanello is a brand of Italian handbags. Though the brand is Italian, it is said that most of their handbags are currently being made in China. Tignanello is currently available at online retailers eBags.
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I wrote to company. The company is Italian, and all of their bags are made in. China. This is the word from Mr. Marvi Beavente of VZI Investment Corp (owners of the Tignanello brand
1. The Tignanello website suggests using a high-quality leather waterproofing spray to make the leather less prone to absorb dirt, grime and stains. This may change the feel of the
It is not very often that a company will start over from scratch and seek to launch itself again. But this is exactly what the makers of Tignanello handbags have done. The company
The leather of a Tignanello handbag makes it an expensive status symbol. It should not attract dirt, but when it does the handbag has to be cleaned immediately. Like any other leather
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