How to Replace Citronella Torch Cans?


Tiki Torch replacement cans can be purchased in stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot. They are also available online at websites such as Amazon. The better cans have a metal flame guard and a fiberglass wick.
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1. Purchase a replacement torch can if you no longer have one. Buy an empty torch can or, if possible, buy a torch can that already comes with citronella oil inside it. If you cannot
Just want to thank the previous poster for his answer. I too was looking for the metal black tiki canisters, since two of mine had developed leaks. The Berryman b12 solution he
This update is from 6/2011...I have searched High and low for the actual replacement canister, which the originals seemed to have a flaw in the seam, where it will rust, and then
You can buy citronella fuel for tiki torches at ChaCha!
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Many hardware stores like Ace Hardware and Lowes, has replacement Tiki torch canisters. They cost anywhere from $3 to $10, depending on the place they are bought ...
Tiki torches are a type of lighting that can be used to add ambiance to any patio, deck, backyard, pool area, or summer beach house. Many tiki torches are made ...
1. Make sure the tiki torch is cool to the touch. Never try to refill a warm or hot tiki torch. 2. Grasp the ring that the wick comes out of with one hand while ...
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